Reasons Why Your Company Needs a 1Gbps Internet Connection

Cloud computing.

That’s the buzzword and technology leading the IT revolution.

​Your documents do not sit on a real cloud, and get lightly drizzled on; but rather this is a fancy way of saying that your data is located off-site.​

While the Singapore government encourages the uptake of the latest fibre broadband technology of at least 100 Mbps for your establishment, what you actually need is a faster and more reliable internet connection.

After all, it is not just you accessing the internet.

In this 4-part series, we will share 2 reasons per week about why you need a 1Gbps connection at work.


1. It is going to be a cloudy…future.

​Gaining popularity, the cloud is a minor celebrity on its own with more businesses than ever, moving their important files and backups to the cloud.

Evident in giant corporations like Microsoft Office 365, Adobe Creative Cloud (bye bye perpetual licenses~), and Salesforce with their Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, etc.; just to name a few.

​Cloud software promises affordable monthly pricing, usually paid upfront as a one-time payment per annum; and always up-to-date software without the need to manually search for updated software versions for the non-IT initiated.

​Software-as-a-Service (SaaS for short) is what we call these new applications.

Yes, another fancy term.

Experts are predicating cloud software will incite growth to exceed $100 billion by the year 2019.

What this means, is that network traffic will grow exponentially even in smaller environments where these software uses the internet connection to communicate and exchange data stored in the cloud.​

That will also mean that companies with 1Gbps internet connection will not hinder user experiences when they are subscribed to those services.

​2. Expand your reach to the stars above.​

Yep, we did it. It was a line from Team Rocket from the Pokemon series.

We hope that you have heard of it amidst the Pokemon Go shenanigans happening all over the virtual world.​

Now that you have a 1Gbps connection, what should you do?

​The answer is simple, you can start by expanding your business reach to create new market opportunities that were never there before!

E-commerce is growing at such a rate that almost a new store appears overnight, almost every other night.

​Leverage this trend by putting yourself on the map. If your customers cannot reach you fast enough, they will leave faster than you can reply ‘hi’ to their enquiry.

​Customers these days want information now, they do not want to wait 3 years for your screen to load and another conservative 3 months for your reply to reach them.​

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