1Gbps: Why you need it, and why it's good for your business.

1Gbps: Why you need it to avoid traffic jam, and why it’s good for your CRM.

In this 4-part series, we will share 2 reasons per week as to why you need a 1Gbps connection at work.


3. Traffic jam.​

Like how cars get stuck on the highway, internet traffic can get overwhelmed too.​

While businesses may think that they have all the sufficient bandwidth to defend the buying rage, they actually do not.

Just think of the past years where pre-orders for popular products like Apple iPhones, and Samsung Galaxy smartphones went.

How many of you, as consumers, were frustrated that you couldn’t even log-on to your service provider website to make a pre-order?

That experience certainly went downhill.​Your new 1Gbps connection will provide buffers for such mishaps, and allow your website traffic to ease, and for all of you in the businesses to breathe.

This way, no more customers will be left out in the cold, and your business will not suffer a loss.​We call that win-win.

​4. CRM

​Another F word. ‘F’ for fancy, mind you.

Customer relationship management or CRM for short, has been around even before the days Big Data came along.​

Your customers are the lifeblood of any businesses.

If you do not establish that relationship and treat them like your own flesh and blood; they will not be there for you when the going gets tough.

In fact, they will most likely be on the other camp, jeering.​A great (internet) connection makes this task as effortless as slurping your favourite beverage. ​

Not that we would ever encourage any form of drinking or eating while communicating over the phone, and especially with a webcam on.​

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