1Gbps: For streaming HD, and for internal Communications.

1Gbps: For streaming HD, and for internal Communications.

In this 4-part series, we will share 2 reasons per week as to why you need a 1Gbps connection at work.


5. Rocket science.​

We are sure you have heard someone, your superior especially, say something along the lines of: “Just do it, it’s not rocket science.”

Having to download high definition (HD) content, or simply large files; over the internet is not going to be a waiting game.

Gone are the days where you want to watch a HD video presentation, and you have to wait till after lunch to let the video finish loading.​

The Excel file that an accountant spent countless hours working on for the better part of the month?

Say no more to saving it on a USB stick, and then leaving it on their boss’s desk, and to find out the next day that the boss accidentally swept it into the bin.

Use your 1Gbps internet connection for that. 30 seconds tops, and it will be sent out from the accountant’s inbox.​

Backup of that file to the network-attached storage (NAS) and the cloud, 30 seconds each. Boom, boom.

​6. In-house communication​

In small startups, you can just turn to your left, right, or around to talk to your colleague.​

But in larger and/or mobile environments, you will need that speedy connection to reach your colleague on the other side of the world.

What if a whole bunch of you need to have a video conference, another group of colleagues need the bandwidth to send files, and another couple of colleagues who needs the bandwidth to remotely support one another?

100Mbps is not going to make the cut. 10 times that power, no sweat.​

This scenario, can happen in a startup as well.

You may not have resources for in-house IT, so you outsource that.

You may also outsource your sales and marketing.

A startup cannot be an expert at everything.​ All these tasks require a high speed connection.

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