1Gbps: BYOD, and Around the World in Milli-Seconds

1Gbps: BYOD, and Around the World in Milliseconds

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As we come to a close in this 4-part series, we will share 2 more reasons as to why you need a 1Gbps connection at work.


​7. BYOD​

Or affectionately known as Bring Your Own Device.

Not a fancy word, just an acronym this time.​

Remember that time where you had your own workstation to do yur work on?

We cannot recall either.

The culture has moved to one where companies reimbure their employees for bringing in their own devices for work.

It could be partial or full claim, depending on your company guidelines.​Employees are not limited to work on just those devices.

Emails and texts will still reach employee smartphones and tablets as well, even out of work hours.

A high speed internet connection will allow information to be pushed or sent to employees.

It will also provide IT with remote support capabilities can assist your disgruntled employees with real-time feedback.

With all of this network traffic going on, a 1Gbps fibre broadband will ensure that everyone will not be staring at unmoving screens.

8. Around the world, and round the clock​

Yes, your loyal employees will log in every now and then to view their over flowing inboxes while they are on vacation.

If they want to entertain a few emails and need internal assistance from their colleagues, they can certainly do so without waiting for ages for the internet connection to be available.​

Even when they are not on vacation, or just simply on the move, a 1Gbps connection will provide the bandwidth needed to collaborate as if they are next to one another.

This makes working from anywhere in the world, seamless​.

So there you have it, sufficient reasons to consider a high speed fibre broadband access even if you are just an SME / SMB.

Just as much as it is about the costs, it is also how a fibre connection can increase your workforce’s productivity and efficiency.

What a time to be alive.

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