MSP: Business Continuity

MSP: Business Continuity

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Now you must be wondering what the difference is between the 3 terms that we have used so far?

1. Backups;
2. Disaster Recovery; and
3. Business Continuity.
Let us string it together for you to make sense of how they work together.
Backups are data created as duplicates, one in your local environment like your office location. This copy of the data is often replicated from the production copy found on your employee workstations (i.e. desktops, or laptops).
The other copy of the backup is then stored in an off-site location like a data center that belongs to your cloud service provider like Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS), OR in this case, your MSP (which should be us!).
This copy in the off-site location will be able to help you recover in a disaster like a huge hurricane or an office fire.
But let’s be real, in Singapore, none of these happens. So what kind of disasters are we talking about?
For example, a non-IT proficient employee which has admin rights, because there are no IT personnel to remove that, decides to delete your company data (your business and your clients’ data) without knowledge of what they did.
Kiss goodbye to your local backups, and now you need data which you kept off-site to recover from this disaster.
Similar thing applies for a ransomware attack.
Except in this manner, your data is encrypted bit-by-bit because it takes time. As time is ticking away, the ransom also increases while at the same time more files are being encrypted.
You can just deny paying the ransom and then you can wipe the workstation, and restore your data back from the off-site backup.
Simply put: Disaster Recovery.
Now this week, we explore on how Business Continuity helps your business.
While data is being re-populated from your off-site backup, you still don’t have your existing data to continue your daily core business.
As an MSP, we are able to provide that for your company.
With our managed IT solution in place, your company can be assured that your business continues with limited downtime.
Our solution allows you to failover to our server to continue your day-to-day business and still at the same time, ensuring backups are still ongoing.
If it takes longer than expected, do not worry as you up to 30 days to get your own server up and running again.
This value is provided as part of our managed IT solution at no additional costs for your company. This is included in your subscription with us.

Learn more for more information about a MSP’s multi-layered security approach, that’s our article, up next.

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