Cloud PMS

Cloud PMS


What is a PMS?

What a fascinating question, you must not be from around here (hospitality).
A PMS is short for Property Management System.

Like the many that has approached the Cloud before, many have also ran in the other direction without looking back.

What about you?

Take a look at the screenshot of this cloud PMS. That.

Mews Dashboard

That is just one of the benefit of embracing the cloud. What you are looking at is the home screen of the Property Management Solution by Mews Systems.

It is a solution that is the results of happy founders Richard Vlatr and Matthijs Welle. Both gentlemen being veterans in the hospitality industry.

Beautiful, isn’t it? Quite breathtaking when we first laid eyes on it.

Front Office and Housekeeping

No more check-in reports to print to know to know how many arrivals and departures there are left for the day.

No separate windows to look at the the number of clean rooms that you have and the ones are waiting to be cleaned.

TripAdvisor and Social Media

Mews Dashboard Highlight Tripadvisor

Is the property on TripAdvisor?

Of course it is. And you can track responses right at the Home screen of Mews Systems.



Remember this familiar piece of work when you were making a new reservation? Yeah, so do we.

No one can take away the traumatizing effect of viewing this screen, all just to make a reservation.

BUT take a look at Mews Reservations screen:

Mews Reservations

Mews Reservation 1

Mews Reservation 2


Look at this. Mews Systems simplified the process.

By just keeping the essential information that you need on the screen, the mental clutter is gone because your mind is freed up from the visual diarrhea.

When you are done, just click on the ‘X’ at the top left hand corner, and you will be transported back to the Home screen.

And at the end of the process, be it check-in, or check-out, your Front Office staff will still manage to smile. Not just the plastic kind.

Mobile and Compatibility

Another great feature here is that your Front Office team, or anyone for the matter, can bring the entire system with them!

Yes, you can be as mobile as you like, and you can help your guests at any location regardless.

Remember, you just need a web browser and an internet connection for this PMS to work.

On the 70th floor of the building but your reception is tens of floors below?

No problem, take out your mobile device, log-in, and help you guest right there.

Mac users? You can use Mews System’s Property Management Solution too. No biggie.

What’s in in for all of you?

Find out what modules are available, and how Mews will help you in this age of transformation. Talk to us, now.

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