Mews Systems: Cloud PMS

Mews Systems: Cloud PMS

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So now that you have been impressed by the User Interface, you must be wondering how much holes it will burn in your pockets, or which appendage you have to sacrifice to get this system for your property.


It will cost nothing more than a meal when you dine out. And in Singapore, that is about S$20, including desserts.

Ok, we may be exaggerated a little.

But it is not far from the truth, that is the price that will be charged per room that you have on your property.

Not the number of users.

In this example, if you have 120 rooms, it will be S$20 x 120 for each month.

That just means that you know that your costs are not going to be fluctuating each month.


Mews Systems can get you up and running in a matter of 1 work week. That’s right, just 1 work week!

Training will be provided, of course.

With the Property Management Solution…

Here is what is included:

  1. the Property Management Solution
  2. Housekeeping app
  3. Online check-in/out
  4. Concierge app
  5. 24/7 Online and Telephone Support

Add-ons are available too:

  1. Mews Distributor, the booking engine
  2. Mews Channel Manager

Why did Mews Systems not include everything as a package?

The answer is also simple, not every property is the same size and are not at the same maturity.

So everything that a property needs to get up and running is already available, and if they are looking at more management tools, just let Mews Systems know.

And no, it doesn’t cost another appendage either.

Not even sacrificial rituals.

Contact Information

Have we gotten your attention? Great!

Reach out to us here if:

  1. You are excited to get a demo; and/or
  2. Have any questions at all.

Remember, the quicker you can get to us, the faster we can help you relieve yourselves and finally getting rid of headaches.

No more Paracetamol.

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