Consumer Password Manager: Sticky Password, RoboForm, or Zoho Vault

Consumer Password Manager: Sticky Password, RoboForm, or Zoho Vault

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In this part 3 of our password manager coverage for consumers, we explore what other password managers there are in the market.
Here we go.

Zoho Vault

Zoho is not new to IT, and we hardly hear them helping individuals, especially in terms of password management.
They do provide many features on their Free edition, such as:
  • Store unlimited passwords and notes
  • Attach files/documents
  • Access from computers, smartphones, and tablets
  • Automatically log in to websites
  • Generate strong passwords
  • Define and enforce a password policy
  • Track password access and activities
  • Offline access
  • Import and export passwords
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Mobile access (Android and iOS)
  • Browser extensions (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
If you need something more robust, do check out the other password managers that we’ve covered previously.
Their paid plans are meant more for entrepreneurs, and enterprises.


On your first visit to their site, you will be greeted to a robot that claims that they are the top rated password manager.
Are they though? Let’s find out.
In their Free edition, they provide you with what you can already expect from a password management solution.
And if you are searching for more functionalities, you can upgrade at an annual subscription of US$19.95 (~S$30) for their Everywhere plan.
You will get everything provided in Free too.
Compare those plans here.
Moving on.

Sticky Password

Aside from what we have seen in our previous post where we covered what 1Password provides for families, Sticky Password provides the most value for an individual.
Sticky Password is the company out of the 6 that we have covered so far that provides a lifetime license at US$149.99 (~S$210).
If we didn’t read on and explored more of the site, we wouldn’t have know that they are the guys that also brought your AVG!
Yes the cyber security firm, AVG. Doesn’t that give you a giant confidence boost for their counterpart: Sticky Password?
To add to their repertoire, they even have a cause to save manatees with every paid purchase. Learn more about their movement here.
Still wondering if you should go Premium at US$29.99 (~S$45) a year, or just Free?
You can choose to download the Free version where they give you Premium for 30 days, or  use the nifty comparison here if you are ready to save some manatees while protecting your passwords online and offline.
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