Enterprise Password Manager: Sticky Password, RoboForm, or Zoho Vault

Enterprise Password Manager: Sticky Password, RoboForm, or Zoho Vault



With this solution, they are also making claims that they are number 1 in password safety solution for business.
For 1-10 users, you are looking at US$29.95 (~S$42) per user, per year.
You will get discounts as you add more users and subscribe to a longer term.
You will be potentially be looking at 15% discount for a 3 years subscription, or 25% discount for 5 years subscription.
Learn more about pricing here. They are also offering a 14 days trial, for up to 10 users.
And if you need to compare a Personal plan and Business plan, look no further than here.

Zoho Vault

If you are a budding entrepreneur or a startup, you may want to get your IT security right, and Zoho Vault can assist you with that.
Their Standard plan starts at US$1 (~S$1.50) per user, per month, for any number of employees or small teams.
If you have at least 5 members in your team, you can proceed direct to their Professional plan at US$4 (~S$6), or feature packed Enterprise plan at US$7 (~S$10)  per user, per month.
You will enjoy 10% off your plan when you subscribe annually.
They are offering a 15 days trial for their plans, for up to 5 users.
Compare plans and prices here.

Sticky Password

Don’t let that manatee mascot fool you. Your passwords are always safe with Sticky Password.
After all, they are the team that brought you AVG.
If you have been reading on our post for the consumer side of things for Sticky Password, you will know the benefits.
If not, here’s a refresher.
You can subscribe to their password manager for a year at US$29.99 (~S$45) as they are on of the more affordable password managers around.
If you really like the product after trying out the Free version with 30 days of Premium benefits, be sure to keep a lookout for their lifetime license which is available at US$149.99 (~S$210).
Check our their plans and prices here.
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