Wi-Fi Mesh Networking for Everyone

Wi-Fi Mesh Networking for Everyone

In this day and age where everyone should be tech savvy and embracing technology, we often see the consumer market lagging behind in innovative products to make their everyday lives easier.

Life is hard enough, without tech’s involvement, it is just that much harder. But some of you may think otherwise.
Today we dive a little more into wi-fi mesh networking for the everyday person. And with this series, we are looking at the Linksys Velop, the new frontier in home networking.

Traditional Solutions

We are sure that everyone has been in a situation where the wi-fi at home is just sub par.
And in our efforts to improve the experience, we buy things like range extenders, repeaters, and even the dreaded powerline adapters.
But what do they do to help in these helpless times? Nothing much frankly.
The wf-fi signal broadcasted from a router is weak to begin with, and is more often than not reduced by 50% of the theoretical speed at least.
Range extenders extend the range of this 50% wi-fi speed. And there is gigantic increase in speeds with usage over wi-fi.
Repeaters amplify the 50% of this wi-fi. So in turn telling you that they are boosting 100% of the 50% speed that you are experiencing. But this still doesn’t give you the range. (Why?!)
Powerline adapters does a little bit of both extending the range and amplifying the wi-fi signal, but again, no great improvements in either schools.

And the thing that will never seal a deal in our case?
Different SSIDs. Or the different names that you see on your wi-fi list when your phone prompts you to select from a list.
Even if our phones don’t switch automatically, and we can do it manually (with no ease and willingness), It is just too much of a hassle.
Yes , some manufacturers have taken the extra step and implement an automatic roaming feature into their routers and repeaters, but you still have to deal with multiple SSIDs.
Let us also not forget the amount of updates and configurations that will lead up to that.
Follow us as we discuss more about mesh wi-fi networking!
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