Wi-Fi Mesh Networking for Everyone – Conclusion

Wi-Fi Mesh Networking for Everyone – Conclusion

Linksys Velop


Easy setup
3-years warranty
Blanket Wi-Fi coverage
Small footprint
Nodes able to ‘talk’ to one another
Only 2 Ethernet ports per node
Limited advance settings
Setting up is a breeze.
Linksys is even giving home users with their Velop the ability to create a guest network, deploy parental controls, and even chooses the best channel for your devices. All from a single app.

What about all the other wi-fi mesh networking products out there? Should we look out for particular features?

First things first, I am really glad that that lady from last week is gone. Too much caps lock even for a minute.
While there are a variety of products out there for wi-fi mesh networking, make sure that the ones that you are considering are those without a master and satellite(s) in their description.
These particular setup doesn’t mean that the satellite(s) will be able to communicate with one another. Which translates to a lengthy and more complicated setup.
You should be seeking products similar to the Linksys Velop as the nodes are capable of communicating with one another, and that reduces the hassles of setup and configuration.
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