Productivity and organisational hack from CTARe

Group your tabs in Chrome! 1. Update to the latest ver 81 of Chrome.2. Go to chrome://flags/3. Search for Tab Groups.4. Enable it!5. Relaunch Chrome.6. Right-click on tabs to start grouping! Shortest and fastest post, ever. Happy working remotely; and stay safe. <3

Crypto-mining Malware Hitting WordPress Websites Getting Critical

Back in Feb 2018, the cyber threats seem like they were over. But it is apparent that is is not.  We were first made aware of the crypto-mining malware that are hitting websites last year in 2017. Making waves against unprotected, or defenseless websites, this program was able to take over resources used by the …

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MailChimp Malware

“Hey…Did you send out that email campaign to a whole new list of people using MailChimp?” Your Marketing associate asked you over at lunch today. Bewildered, you logged in to MailChimp, found an unknown list of new clients, and that you sent out a campaign blast to them. Did you do this in your sleep? …

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