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Crypto-mining Malware Hitting WordPress Websites Getting Critical

Back in Feb 2018, the cyber threats seem like they were over. But it is apparent that is is not.  We were first made aware of the crypto-mining malware that are hitting websites last year in 2017. Making waves against unprotected, or defenseless websites, this program was able to take over resources used by the …

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Website Care/Maintenance

Website Care/Maintenance Now that your business has its website up and running and the whole shenanigan is over, right? No. Much like all your IT assets, this digital IT asset requires care and maintenance as well! You would think that it is a set-it-and-forget-it thing but it is not. You will also have to constantly update the core, and supporting …

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Web Developer

Web Developer Now, here comes the easy part. So with the “pictures” of the website that your company wants to create in the previous week, the web designers usually will hand over the process to the web developers. As if the name didn’t give it away, the web developers develop the static non-existent website into a fully …

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