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Malware Cleanup

Servers / Computers

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  • Charges are based on number of servers, and/or computers infected
  • Windows, and Mac supported



  • for 1 Domain
  • Subject to approval
  • Free 1 time Website Malware Cleanup
  • No plugins to install

Website Emergency Malware Removal

$349 one-time

  • for 1 Domain
  • Guaranteed Malware Removal
  • 24 Hours to Resolution
  • Continued protection for the entire year
  • Assigned Analyst for Malware Cleanup

How to Get Started?

Step 1

Click on the Live Chat button, and talk to us.

If we are offline, simply fill in your details in the contact form.

Full name, company name, website URL are very important details.

Step 2

Skip to Step 3 if you have opted for our free website malware removal service.

If you have opted to pay for the service, we will be in touch.

Step 3

Keep a lookout in your email, or for a call if you want us to give you a call instead.

We will then work with you to remove the malware on your website, servers, or computers.

Get your malware deleted now

Quick Questions


No strings attached, and no obligation to subscribe to a website security plan.

But if your domain has been cleaned up by us previously, we are not able to provide a second time for malware cleanup for free.

Malware cleanup for a domain from the 2nd time onwards is chargeable.

It largely depends on the number of devices that are infected, and to what extend the infection has gone through.

We will bill you for malware cleanup taken into account the above factors.

It is because of the faster response time that is included in the emergency malware removal service.

Click on the chat bubble, and let's continue the conversation.

Or visit our Help Center.

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