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Outsourcing your IT support has never been this easy and affordable.

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Dependable Service

Disasters can strike anytime, and often they are not so nice to give your company an advance notice. What will your company do if your IT administrator is out of the picture? It is going to cost you a downtime.

With CTARe's managed IT services and support, we believe that you will see the value in with our services in your operational toolkit.

Our services pay for itself in the continuous uptime of your servers, computers, and website.

All of our managed solutions come with:

  • Remote monitoring and maintenance
  • Comprehensive IT support
  • Cyber security from day 1
  • Help desk with qualified techs
  • Vendor management

As a CTARe partner, you will experience quality, and efficient IT consulting, and support.

“There are two types of companies: those who have been hacked, and those who don’t yet know they have been hacked.” 

John Chambers

former CEO of Cisco
Focus on growing your company

Reduce Costly Downtime

We cannot promise you the heavens and earth, but we can stop you from losing money due to a downtime.

Traditional IT support teams do not call you you to tell you they found and fix a problem, we do. That is because they are not providing a crucial component: remote monitoring. 

We deliver efficiency, and we do that with no interruptions and downtime for your company. This often times provide more avenues for a company like yours to achieve exponential growth, with the help of tech!

Software updates are all done outside of your company's operational hours, ensuring that your computers are ready to be used the moment your employees arrive. No more morning surprises.

Flat-rate service price point

Predictable IT Budget

Bringing your enterprise IT at small business rates is a feat that remains to be one of the most talked about questions with our clients.

Expenses that you used to have to give birth to from out of thin, is not going to be an issue again with our affordable managed IT services.

Here at CTARe, we provide a variety of services that goes hand-in-hand with boosting your company's overall efficiency with incredible uptime.

We will position your company and deliver your core business to your clients, with technology aiding the process and not with it being an obstacle.

Capital to operational expenses, and In IT? You can stop dreaming, because you have just arrived in paradise.

We've got you covered

What's included?



Our approach to IT is always based on little or zero disruption to your company's work.

System, and application updates, backups, and remote support is performed this way.

Cyber Security


All data used in our work is encrypted while it is in motion, and at rest.

We also create multiple layers of security across your company network.


Remote Support

We catch issues early on with our 24/7 monitoring, and we fix them even faster.

But if you still have an issue, talk to us, there are no extra charges.



With 24/7 monitoring established, your company can sleep well knowing that there is no surprise waiting for them in the office in the morning (because we got to the issues first).



Backups are scheduled and automated once you are partnered with us.

Backups are also automatically verified on our end without the need for humans.

Live Chat, and

Knowledge Base

Get help on almost every available channel. Call us, text us, or even self-help using the knowledge base.

Just that simple to get an issue to go away.


Essential IT


  • 24/7 Server, and PC/Mac Monitoring
  • Backups Monitoring
  • Unlimited 24/7 Server Remote Support
  • Unlimited 8/5 PC/Mac Remote Support
  • Vendor Management
  • Next-Generation Anti-Virus
  • Monthly Reports
  • Client Onboarding and Training
  • Standard Support
  • X
  • X

Including Backups


  • 24/7 Server, and PC/Mac Monitoring
  • Backups Monitoring
  • Unlimited 24/7 Server Remote Support
  • Unlimited 8/5 PC/Mac Remote Support
  • Vendor Management
  • Next-Generation Anti-Virus
  • Monthly Reports
  • Client Onboarding and Training
  • Standard Support
  • Off-Site Backups for Servers, PC/Mac
  • X



  • 24/7 Server, and PC/Mac Monitoring
  • Backups Monitoring
  • Unlimited 24/7 Servers Remote Support
  • Unlimited 24/7 PC/Mac Remote Support
  • Vendor Management
  • Next-Generation Anti-Virus
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Client Onboarding and Training
  • Priority Support
  • Off-Site Backups for Servers, PC/Mac
  • Virtual CIO

Get Your Flat Rate Quote Now

Because not everyone is the same, and no two companies are identical.

Talk to us to get your personalized flat-rate subscription.

Quick Questions

What are the options for subscription?

As long as your agreement with us is for at least 48 months on any new subscription for at least 10 devices (PCs).

What is the service activation fee?

If you have an agreement with us for a period of time (48 months in this promo), you will still be billed monthly, and the service activation fee will be waived.

You cannot cancel the subscription until after 48 consecutive months are billed to your company.

If you do not have an agreement with us, meaning you will need to pay full price on whichever subscription plans mentioned above.

Service activation fee cannot be waived.

For example, you will be billed the following for the first month for 10 devices on a 24/7 subscription:

$2,000 activation fee + ($280 x 10 devices) = US$4,850.

Second month onward, if you did not cancel the subscription: US$2,850 per month.

What if we decide to move to a susbcription with an agreement?

The service activation fee that you have made payment for will not be refunded in any form.

We will start you on the subscription with the new billing terms on the next billing cycle.

What if we have a server emergency?

You will need an active managed services subscription for your servers in order for our helpdesk to assist you with your server issues.

We only have one subscription for servers for 24/7 coverage which starts from US$289 per month, per server.

We respond to server emergencies in as little as within 30 minutes.

If you have more than 5 servers to manage, please reach out to us for a custom quote.

What coverage is included in your Security Operations Center?

We include 24/7 monitoring of your devices by our 24/7 security operations center.

We will respond to threats, and remediate cybersecurity related issues.

Taking advantage of artificial intelligence, cloud firewalls, and next generation anti-virus, our human security analysts will ensure that your devices are well protected.

Do we have to pay for software that is used?

The beauty of managed services is that you do not have to manage or negotiate the subscriptions of the remote monitoring software, anti-virus, and the backup software.

We already have a set of software that we use, and that is at no extra charge to you.

You are just paying for the manpower, and services that we provide.

What about hardware?

We do not bring in any hardware when we come onboard and start managing your devices, unless otherwise stated.

We will manage the existing hardware that you have, and care for them.

Any new hardware that you decide to bring in after we start managing your devices will incur additional charges, as you are aware we charge per device.

I have more questions

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Or visit our Help Center for the fastest answers to your burning questions, and answers to common pre-sales questions.

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