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Enterprise IT, at small business prices

About our approach

In 2012, we realised that there was a need to address IT, and cyber security issues in startups, and SMEs alike in Singapore.

But not with its associated high costs of maintenance.

With our managed IT, and cyber security solutions, we were able to bring enterprise level IT to the startups and SMEs that we work with.

Suddenly, technical helpdesk support, servers and computers support, and consulting did not seem daunting anymore.

This approach not only caught some of the eyes and ears of the companies that are embracing technology in Singapore, but also our valued clients in the US.

Without having to worry about IT, and cyber security, our clients have been focusing on the most important thing:

Growing their business.

Finally, the hours your employees spent on IT issues, can be better used for creating lasting impressions for your clients through superior technology support, and customer care.


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Not a one size fits all Approach

Why Work With Us

Not an if, but consider it when

If you are too small to get hacked, think again. Malware and hackers alike know that, and is using it as an advantage.

Real Proactive Care

We call you when we know an issue is detected, not the other way around. Now everyone can sleep well, and not wake up to a surprise.

Feel The difference with us

We are in this together. And that is what differentiates us from traditional by-the-hour IT support companies.

Round the clock maintenance

Get 24/7 access to remote and on-site support. Just call, or text, we are ready to assist - all at a flat monthly rate.

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