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    WEEKDAYS: 10:00 - 18:00

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    Available 24/7 via Live Chat, or Help Centre.

    Phone number: As assigned to you when you subscribed to our solution(s).

    Quick Questions

    For 2020, please refer to these dates here.

    We also have shorter sales and support hours during the eve of the public holidays, and they are as follows: 1130am - 430pm, Singapore Standard Time.

    Customers with 24/7 SLAs with us, you may ignore the above as they are not applicable to you.

    For the 24/7 support that we offer in our subscriptions, we will respond to emergency issues only after hours, on weekends, and public holidays.

    Emergency issues are things like server related issues where you have a server downtime.

    For non-critical issues, like content changes, we will respond accordingly on the following business day.

    For 24/7 SLAs with us, customers can contact our support team at any given time, and we will respond to critical and non-critical issues.

    The 24/7 support, or 24/7 SLAs is strictly for contacting our support team; and do not extend to our administrative, sales, or other departments.

    24/7 Support:

    Website related solutions, including website design, and development, website care, and website security;

    Chatbot development;

    Social media management; and

    Digital marketing.

    If you require 24/7 SLA with us for any of the above solutions, please request for a custom quote.

    24/7 SLAs:

    Managed IT: Gold & above plans.

    Managed Cyber Security

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